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Commentary on "Caleb: Living With the Wait"



Day 6: Thursday, October 7, 2010 - Giving Freely


In Judges 1:14-15 Caleb willingly gives both land and the upper and lower springs to Acsah his daughter. This is unusual in that back in those days ,in order for land to stay in the family, it would need to be handed to the son. This land and the upper and lower springs would, in the end, be inherited by Othniel, Acsah’s husband at the proper time.

Caleb could have refused Acsah’s request, yet he gives freely.

God could have refused our request, yet His Son died on the cross to freely provide the gift of eternal life and through that an eternal inheritance. All it takes for us to acquire this inheritance is to allow God to have the throne of our lives. How many of us truly do this?

Both Matthew 6:15 and 18:21-25 have to do with forgiveness. Forgiveness is of great importance; it is up to us to forgive others. It is also up to us to accept God’s forgiveness to us through the sacrifice of His Son on the Cross. This acceptance cannot be half hearted, God will not be a co-pilot; we have to give up our lives to Him, and we have to let Him have total control.



  1. Caleb gave his inheritance to his daughter when she asked for it—an unheard-of move, even when a man had no sons.
  2. God gives eternal lie and an eternal inheritance to us who have no natural claim on His grace.
  3. We must give God the throne of our lives in order to receive His inheritance.
  4. We are to accept God’s forgiveness of us through Jesus’ sacrifice on the Cross.
  5. God will not be a co-pilot; we have to give up our lives to Him and allow Him to have control.




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