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Commentary on "Caleb: Living With the Wait"



Day 5: Wednesday, October 6, 2010 - Passing On the Legacy


Caleb in His old age is a very well rounded individual; in fact, he seems to still have a deep relationship with God. In fact, Caleb is the very epitome of what is said in Psalms 92:12-15, he’s still full of sap and certainly still producing good fruit. In fact, the Bible says that a good tree can only produce good fruit, and you can only be good if God is in you, praise the Lord that He is in us through the Holy Spirit if we have submitted our lives to Jesus.

In Judges 1:12-13 Caleb is putting forth a reward for faith in success in battle and then giving forth that reward on completion. This is a picture of the fact that God promises to give us the Holy Spirit as a seal guaranteeing that we will inherit Heaven and all that’s related to that, if we live this life in faith to Him. When we daily give our life to the Lords’ will and let the Holy Spirit lead our daily lives, we will always have the victory through Him who saves us.

As I have matured and walked through this life with Christ I have experienced great hurt but immeasurable healing. God has taken me and formed me into a Christian who is passionate to share with others the gospel and the true indwelling power of the Holy Spirit. He has taken away earthly things and given me a heavenly inheritance; He has given me enough to satisfy, and streams of living water that will never run dry.

It is a revolution; it is a quiet revolution that makes you want to shout out loud for Salvation!



  1. Mature Caleb is the epitome of Psalm 92:12-15; he’s full of sap and producing good fruit.
  2. God promises to give us the Holy Spirit as a seal of our heavenly inheritance.
  3. God sometimes takes away all earthly things we love—but He gives us a heavenly inheritance.
  4. God’s formation of us is a quiet revolution that makes us want to shout His praise.




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