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Commentary on "Caleb: Living With the Wait"



Day 4: Tuesday, October 5, 2010 - Claiming God's Promises


After 40 years Joshua leads the Israelites into the Promised Land. Moses couldn’t do it. This is a picture in and of itself that Joshua was a shadow of Jesus. Israel needed a Redeemer, someone who could lead the people into the Promised Land—Someone who could save them from their sins. In other words, the Law couldn’t get them into the land simply because they, like we, are incapable of keeping it. Our surrender to Christ is what enables us to enter into the Promised Land; the Promised Land is a picture, type, or shadow of Heaven.

In Joshua 14 Caleb asks for the toughest land to be his so he can go forth and conquer it with God’s help. Caleb is an old man now, but age doesn’t matter if the Spirit of God is in you, if you walk by a faith in a power you know has led you all the time, the power of God then you can KNOW you have the victory.

The quarterly asks us to read Joshua 14:14 then asks how you follow God fully. I’ve been expounding on that fact throughout this commentary. It doesn’t just mean reading the Word of God, or praying, or even putting faith in God. No, this is something much deeper, something that takes a great deal of trust and faith; it is giving yourself up in complete surrender to God. When you are given up fully to God, He will come in only when you fully surrender your life to Him and reign in you through the Holy Spirit.

Repenting and giving everything up to God is not easy; however, it leads to a revolutionized walk with God. It leads to a fullness of happiness and faith and trust and an overwhelming peace that passes all understanding.

Before I made the decision listed above I thought I had the peace that passes understanding, but I did not I simply had a life of doubt and fear because I was trying to follow rules that simply cannot be followed and I had a misunderstanding about Salvation.

Now that I have surrendered my Life to God, the one who purchased it through the death of His son I find that I can easily be a Caleb. I can be quiet, I can stand up for God knowing that He will be there for me even when I cannot see Him.



  1. Caleb asks for the toughest land so he can conquer it with God’s help.
  2. Age is irrelevant in the big picture if one is filled with the Holy Spirit.
  3. We have to give ourselves up in compete surrender to God.
  4. When we surrender to Him, He will reign in us through the Holy Spirit.
  5. Once we surrender and are filled with the Spirit, we also can be “Calebs”, standing up for God




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