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Commentary on "Resilience"



Day 6: Thursday, February 17, 2011 - The Secret of Being Content


Having the Holy Spirit in you is the secret of being content.

Before I entered the rest of Hebrews 4 I had nowhere to put my stresses and worries, and my resilience wilted under the troubles that life flung at me. After I had entered that rest and had my own Pentecost experience if you will and gave my entire person over to the Lord the Holy Spirit flooded me, He overfilled me, He sealed me.

I could give up my worries to Jesus and I could relax and recover knowing that Jesus could be trusted with my problems. The Rest I entered made resilience not only more possible, but guaranteed, my resilience no longer wilts it blossoms.

Do you have that sort of invincible resilience? You can have it, it’s as easy as making one simple realization, that you are no longer your own.

It’s time to let God, through the Holy Spirit, live in you.

Don’t live in a state of anxiety, stress, fear, or uncertainty. Live in a state of trust and rest.




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