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Commentary on "Evangelism and Witnessing as a Lifestyle"



Day 6: Thursday, April 26, 2012 - Widening Your Friendship Circle



Today’s theme centers on the understanding that people seldom come to a Christian and ask what they must do to be saved. Rather, a Christian who desires to share the gospel message must be alert for an opportunity to do so by developing friendships outside of their "normal comfort zone". The Quarterly lesson then makes this statement:

"The point is that many Seventh-day Adventists have few, or no, meaningful relationships outside of the fellowship."



While the advice along with the caution to not become part of the world while reaching out to the lost of the world is appropriate and wise for someone who desires to lead a righteous and holy life there are some major hurdles for an Adventist to overcome in doing so:

  1. When you grow up in an Adventist home, go to Adventist schools, live if possible in an Adventist community, and where possible work for an Adventist institution just where does a dedicated Adventist find opportunity to reach out to the community at large?
  2. Next to my grandparent’s home in Angwin there was a vineyard and winery which is still there to this day. We along with all the other 'good’ Adventist were nothing but critical when in our rare contact with the workers or owners of the vineyard. How can you expect to have an audience with such people when you are attacking their way of life?
  3. Over fifty years ago in my home town, the local Adventist church pushed through the construction of a church building complex in a intensely populated neighborhood with inadequate provision for parking over the vigorous objection from the local homeowners. To this day you can drive by on any Sabbath and see for yourself the jam-packed parking on the streets and know why there will never be an Adventist outreach in that residential neighborhood.
  4. How can you invite someone into your home when what you eat or the day you cook it is more important to you than simply becoming friends?
  5. What kind of honesty or sincerity is there on your part when your official outreaches such as prophecy seminars or the publications found in a Signs of the Times stand veil who you really are?




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