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Commentary on "Paul's Pastoral Appeal"



Day 5: Wednesday, November 23, 2011 - Then and Now


When Paul first came to Galatia to teach the message it hadn't been his intention, of course God is the one who controls the situation- this was God's time for the Galatians to hear the message. Paul had some kind of physical malady which forced him to enter Galatia and to rely on the small number of believers who were already there to bring him back to health. They not only too him in and nursed him back to health but they gratefully accepted the message of the Good News.

Now we don't know exactly what the malady was that Paul was suffering from, some suggest that he had been practically stoned to death and had come in with great injuries from that. Others say that he had an eye problem, malaria, or perhaps from the “thorn in his side” however the whole point is that Paul was accepted and helped through this time of suffering.

Now Paul is standing over the churches of Galatia in their suffering and confusion and he is lovingly but firmly correcting them and putting them back on the road to recovery. Just like the people he had brought the Good news to when he was broken, these people he loved with a Godly love, he was coming to them as beloved and attempting to nurse them back to health as they had for him.

He is so very passionate for the welfare of the churches of Galatia that he started he is willing to go over and over and over again and again the dangers of Legalism. The dangers of returning to the Law, the flat out impossibility of mixing Law and Grace.

It is the ultimate reversal of position, and Paul will minister to to those in Galatia until they recover their firm footing and their health no matter how long it takes.




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