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Second Quarter 2009 (April–June)
Commentary on "The Christian Life"


  1. March 28–April 3 by Colleen Tinker
    Commentary on "Love"
  2. April 4–10 by Roy Tinker
    Commentary on "Faith"
  3. April 11–17 by Martin Carey (page 3)
    Commentary on "Hope"
  4. April 18–24 by Phil Harris
    Commentary on "Life"
  5. April 25–May 1 by Richard Peifer (page 6)
    Commentary on "Revelation"
  6. May 2–8 by Steve Pitcher
    Commentary on "Sin"
  7. May 9–15 by Grace Carlson
    Commentary on "Grace"
  8. May 16–22 by Terry Mirra (page 3)
    Commentary on "Rest"
  9. May 23–29 Phil Harris
    Commentary on "Heaven"
  10. May 30–June 5 by Steve Pitcher
    Commentary on "Discipleship"
  11. June 6–12 by Richard Tinker
    Commentary on "Stewardship"
  12. June 13–19 by Richard Peifer (page 6)
    Commentary on "Community"
  13. June 20–26 by Richard Peifer (page 6)
    Commentary on "Mission"

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